Sunday, October 30, 2011

What would Bonzo do

I have not a clue. I don’t know anyone that goes by the name Bonzo. I did meet a Guido once and that was on a friendly terms. 

What makes good blog content?

The audience decides in the end. However how could an audience of readers decide anything if the selection of readers is very limited. There could be a tribe of unknown nomads on a west coast highway who would relish my words. How would they ever find me? 

Crazy little thing called blog 
I gotta be cool, relaxed, get hip, and get on my tracks.

Ok lets say I was hip and trendy. Do hipsters even read anything? I heard once that when a hipster was identified as a hipster, he/she was no longer hip. No really knows what a hipster is anyway. I’ll try a different angle. 

Loverboy was wrong singing, 
"...everybody’s working for the weekend..."

There are people satisfied with Monday through Friday. Weekends are often over rated and I don’t write about the weekend. Everyone is not looking. Everyone is not wondering. Everyone is not doing the same thing, they never do, diversity rules.

So I’m looking for that Bonzo tribe. Maybe I need a west coast trip or at least a new Itunes playlist.
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