Saturday, October 15, 2011

write it and they will read

Not really.  At least I don't think so.

But if you don't write it, well it will only linger for so long in your brain cells.  You could sing it, paint it, perform it, carve it.  Writing is easier for me.

The general idea is to record it in some type of media.  Now if you are really creative you could do it in a way that a future explorer might think was done by aliens from beyond the planet.

Can you imagine the great comedy that took place around the cave back in the day.  We can only guess.  Those cave paintings are not that funny but I think the jokes were great.

The history that we know the best is the recorded history.  What evidence do I have for comedy night in the cave?  None except I can't imagine that humans were not always funny (at least some of them).

Do blogs report history?  Back in '09, I wrote about the eggo shortage.  I don't imagine there will be any historical significance to the eggo shortage but who knows?  Well it and many many bits of trivia are documented on the web.

A recent visit to my sisters left me thinking about writing.

Maybe a book on eggos, maybe not.

My Brother-In-Law has written a book.  (I hope he'll stop by here and leave a link to his book site in the comments)  His first book was a few years ago.  But now he working on a second one, a funny one about his childhood.

Blogs are ideas like books except blog posts are much shorter.  Ideas for books come and go.  But to actually grab one and wrestle a book out of it is something that appears to be beyond my reach for now.

I suggested to my BIL that a blog promoting his book would be a good idea.  I really enjoy the blog, "Pearl, Why You Little".  She promotes and sells her book on the sidebar of her blog.

One great thing about writing, you can fart in your writing and probably get a laugh instead of a dirty look or threatened.  Unknown Mami farts for laughs on her blog.  Actually, the rumor has been confirmed that she has been blogging around.  Check her out here.

A blog fart can linger on web and would you care?  

The delivery technology of books has changed.  I wonder as they become digital will they also become interactive?  I don't mean interactive like a video game because we have games that do role playing.  Some of them can be more complex than a mystery novel.

The vision I see is an interaction with the author as you get engrossed in the story.  It could be a blog-type-book.

A great thinker and very funny guy gave us this quote:

Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that.  - George Carlin
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