Sunday, February 27, 2011

rule breaking post

Do you write/run a blog?

Guess what, you can change the rules.  It is one of the great things about blogging.

I started ICB with the idea of a one post blog with lots of comments and comment threads.  That one post got well over a hundred comments but the comment activity dropped to a trickle after a few months.  The comment threads never went very deep.  I believe there is some good info in the comments but I know it doesn't jump out at you.  It was still interesting and I certainly appreciate those that joined in.

So here is a second post on my one post blog.  Below are some thoughts I have on blogging.

A comment about comments about comments or comments cubed.  I guess this comment makes it comment to the fourth power.  Ok, what I'm struggling with here is the power of comments.  Maybe 'power' not the right word.  Let's say, the effect of comments. 

Comments = sharing

Now what is being shared can be thoughtful, inspiring, hurtful, anger, humor, or any assortment of emotions and opinions.  I like the positive and/or humorous ones the best.  You probably do too.  Even if the comment is the blogosphere version of a smile or friendly glance that's better than no comment.  But we don't always want to smile.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

No this is just a blog.   But to me it's something special.  An expression, a place to share and get some feedback.   You pop in with a quick look around.  You are free to move on and many do.  There are so many blogs and so little time.  It's OK.
Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low, Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me.

But if a photo, a story, or video clip grabs your attention and you stay for a bit, then I suggest you look around just a little more.  You'll probably find another post similar and maybe even better.  Hey maybe you could spare some of your feedback in a comment.
Blogging and sharing play together well.  So share your opinion.

So what's in a blog?
Mostly a lot of time.  Do you have any to spare?

So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye.
So you think you can love me and leave me to die.

Blogs - some people don't understand why we do it. 

I know there are many answers/reasons for blogs but most bloggers have the common goals of expression and sharing. It really makes my day if I realize that I connected with someone and especially if that connection was a laugh or smile. This is what makes the comments so important.

Any way the wind blows.

Hey readers and fellow bloggers do you do drive-bys?

I'm not talking guns, violence, and that trash here. I mean clicking the browser before the page even finishes loading. There is only so much time and I admit I have scanned a few blogs very quickly. But not my favorites but then I guess that's why they are my favorites.  So one thing you might miss if you are too quick with the click, is the comments. I've been lucky to get some really funny comments on some posts and I have read some great comments on other blogs.

An example of this is a comment about a blog gang.
Once a another blogger (at the time was known as Eternally Distracted but now goes by Sex, Drugs and Bacon Sandwiches ??? ) offered a suggestion that we start a blog gang in her comment.  

Remember Spanky and our gang.  I recall reruns of them.  They were almost as good as the Three Stooges.
My response to this blog gang idea -
A blog gang - do we need to wear leathers? tattoos? gang signs? how do we act tough? scare readers with big words?  thanks you got my mind racing. I'll check back with you after I take a spin on my tricycle.
Well after my failed attempt to steal a ride on the little neighbor girl's trike, I have one more thought.
This would be the type of gang that shares recipes for rice krispy treats and if provoked might be pushed into a food fight (but only with non-allergenic soft food items). A non-violent gang of bloggers using pictures and words to mark their territory.

Do you remember “Forrest Gump” and how he loved to run?
One morning on a whim, Forrest ran to the end of the road,
then across town,
across the state,
across the country.

One morning I started blogging about the work shutdown our group was suffering through,
then I blogged about my memories,
I connected to other bloggers,
started to get followers of my blog.

The media wanted to know why he was running. Forrest tells them,
 “I just felt like running.”

Blogging might be like that. Blog and blog, just like Forrest you turn around and find followers.

I just feel like blogging.

In the movie, while running in what looks like Utah to me, Forrest stops, slowly turns around and says to his followers:
“I'm pretty tired... I think I'll go home now.”

Right there in the middle of another daily run he just quits. I have followed a few bloggers that just ended it like that.  As you are following along reading their regular posts, one day you read the good-bye I’m tired of blogging post.

Do you blog like Forrest Gump?

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