Friday, July 16, 2010

best sexy post ever by lisleman

I tried getting Cyndi Lauper’s attention on stage once.

It didn't work. 

I can't always think of the best approach or catchy words to write but I can see -

and read.

So I want to try an idea out here.  An experiment or maybe you might consider it a type of service.

Here's a place for your comments to hang out and get to meet new comments.

Ok if you have read this far and you just stumbled upon this blog and are wondering what you are doing here - wait.  Before you leave take a look at the comment section.  That is where the action is on this blog.  Ok not much action but there is some and you can add more.

Blogging is sharing and expressing ideas, opinions, stories, memories, pictures, jokes, etc.  But bloggers don't always have those good words and pictures available at their fingertips.  You can get stuck on the post title (oh I hope you are not still looking for something sexy in this post - unless ideas are sexy).

For times when your brainwaves are a tiny ripple and you can't seem to float your boat - just browse over here and leave a comment.  I or another visitor will reply.  You might not get the answer or solution but at the very least I (or someone) might say, "aww that's too bad", or "I'm sorry to hear that" or "get a life" or "you're pitiful".  Whatever.

But wait there's more - the comments are NOT limited to just words.  We can share links (like to your blog), pictures, or youtube clips.  That's one nice feature of the DISQUS comment system.

Are you on Facebook (FB)?  Do you know how easy it is to write on a friends wall?  Well this is a little like that except it's more public.  So don't use your name if you don't want to.  I'm going by lisleman.

However I will be moderating the comments so spam and any foul stuff will be deleted.  I don't think that will be a problem.  

I will check out the comment section with a few tests - then have at it - give it a go.

++ update ++
don't forget to check out the page buttons below the big sun picture in the header.  I'll be collecting stuff from the comments there.
++++yet another update++
Hey I said this is one post blog but I didn't say I wasn't going to modify the one post.  Do you think this is cheating?  How can you cheat on your own blog?

Anyway I just wanted to add a great comment feature done by Unknown Mami (and get a new reader or two).  The following button/bladge is clickable.

Unknown Mami

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