Friday, July 15, 2011

One year ago

I had an idea.

Doesn’t everyone get ideas popping in their heads?

Sure most ideas might not be better than a brain fart.

You know what? In this golden age of internet access and digital social exchanges we are offered easier ways to spread those brain farts. (would twitter be so successful if it was brain farts instead of tweets that were sent out?)

If you started reading ICB with this post, you might not know what the idea was. You don’t need to go through too many posts to find it. This is the third post of ICB.

You see the idea was to have a one post blog with many threaded comments.

It didn’t work too well. The start of it was fun with some growth, but it faded.

Can you explain the appeal of new? 

Is the new thing preference some natural human characteristic? Buzz, hype, hip, cool, new things, new places.

I think of a blog as a roadside billboard. Right now I think my blog (A Few Clowns Short) is still on a back road though. That's OK because there are really nice people traveling that back road. This ICB is more like a back alley with many roaming cats.

One difference between a blog post and a billboard is the views of a billboard stay constant longer. An old blog post (old measured in days) just doesn’t grab the attention. Like farts they fade fast (good for one not so good for the other).  I’m not sure why blog readers think that way.

Recently, I had another new idea burst into my head. A flash of brilliance filling my cranium. Ok, maybe a flicker of dim hope.

Lisleman’s Left-over Laughs - LLL.

LLL will be a blog post sharing feature.  It is still in the planning stage but that’s another great thing about the digital social exchanges of today, planning is dynamic.

Look for LLL over at A Few Clowns Short soon.
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