Thursday, April 3, 2014

late night bloggers

Warning: the following may cause dizziness. You know it’s not a party until someone pukes. Hopefully this post will stir (spin,shock,slap?) you to think. At least you will be thinking about something.

Jumping Juxtaposition

While on G+ today I concluded something after a deep thought surfaced.

The opposite of something is not nothing, it’s everything.

She pauses and says, 
“there is something we need to talk about.” 
“What have we been talking about nothing or everything?”, I question.

Don't you consider something special very nice? Everything can not be nice. What is special about everything? 

That special something. 

Nothing is further from the truth, but something can be close to me.

Something is behind you. Not everything can be behind you. 

It’s always something. It can’t be everything.

I don’t believe you can get something from nothing. 

Everything is possible but nothing never happens. Something is happening here.

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