Monday, September 9, 2013

you call yourself a blogger

Well do you?

I often do but it does depend on the situation and who is asking.  For some it would not matter if I said blogger or mad scientist.

What's the difference between an occupation and a hobby?

A better question is, what's the difference between an obsession and a hobby? 

Nobody likes being confined to a box.  Definitions can be influenced by opinion.  You know what they say about opinions.

This blog started with an idea I had while blogging in my other blog, A Few Clowns Short.  Most of my interaction (my definition of blogging requires an exchange of ideas/stories/thoughts between the blogger and the reader - IMHO - oh there's the opinion again) happens over at my other well posted blog.

On A Few Clowns Short I have become comfortably posted.  Actually that's true most of the time.  Occasionally, I just want to write a thought or two over here.  Over on this blog the posting is bit more like a message in a bottle on a big lake.  I've received a few very interesting comments but then I've asked a few interesting (?) questions here.  For example, 
What would Bonzo do?
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