Saturday, May 25, 2013

ooh ooh oh oh you don’t have to blog

ooh ooh oh oh you don’t have to go

I continued blogging as something to do. The initial blog, A Few Clowns Short, came as my grand idea of creating a sharing place for the group of us who had lost their job. 

Create something and post it for the world to see. Now that’s sorta cool. I’ll be honest I thought there might be some ad money in it too. I made a buck or two but like most of the bloggers I’ve come to know, I don’t blog for the money. I could not justify blogging for just pennies. There was something else happening. A creative escape?

oh baby please don’t go

No it’s certainly not money. It’s the enjoyment of sharing thoughts, ideas that cause others to interact. Having someone I have never met write back saying I gave them a laugh is almost like having a group laugh at your joke. A virtual stage and a virtual audience set-up just for your performance.

Other times it can just be a relief to rant some issue out of your mind. You might find a kindred spirit telling you know they agree with your rant.  A digital high-five.

every breathe I take every move I make

The feedback from strangers is intoxicating at times. This is especially true when the number of readers are increasing. The strangers become friends even though you only meet via words. A story, a comment, a reply, they are only words strung together. But you could say a best selling novel is only words strung together.

It wasn’t long after getting a few regular followers that I just hooked. A few times I’ve considered dropping the whole thing.

when I read the post you wrote
It made me mad mad mad
when I read the stories that it told to me
It made me sad sad sad 

I still love it so
I can’t let it go 

I can quit anytime. yeah right
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