Tuesday, January 17, 2012

could I have a word with you

Actually I’ll throw a few words your way. The thing is you need to look for them and that involves your attention and time. This blog has very sporadic posting. I’m better with regular posting on A Few Clowns Short but then what’s a regular or normal post? What’s a normal person? I guess applying statistics to the question will produce something. Do normal people follow social norms?

Not sure the reason, maybe it’s the season but I am in a down cycle on blogging. My experience tells me there are cycles of blogging. Flying over the peak and feeling the rush of comments whizzing by too fast to catch is fun. Then hot humid air rises off words stuck in a post that cause you to wonder if the readers have gone blind. The near blank comment section can stifle your creative breathing making it hard to climb another peak.

This cycle is not even that simple. It’s not sinusoidal. Nor does it have a regular frequency. You also need to consider the real life events coming at you unexpectedly.

I never planned to use this blog for these odd (normal question again?) posting but now that I have it I have found this blog useful. 

If you blog, share with us how you handle the swings in your blogging. thanks

Update this song inspires me on my quest:

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